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Thursday, August 13, 2015

TBT Coachella

In honor of throw back Thursday, well not too much of a throw back but I'm just to anxious already for next years Coachella. 

I remember being excited because it was my first year attending and it was everything I had imagined to be. I had an amazing experience. We did the whole Coachella experience, got there Thursday night camped out for the entire weekend.  Sure was a weekend of sleepless nights/days. Too much noise to sleep and the sun comes peaking out at 7am. Let's just say the camping life at Coachella is rough but I'd like to say I managed well haha. 

There are always pros and cons but let us remember it is all about the experience. I would definitely recommend anyone to go if you haven't already.  Nothing like feeling the electric music move you or see your favorite bands; all in one destination. I'm ready for you COACHELLA 2016.

Some flicks of my good times below. Happy TBT✌


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