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Monday, September 21, 2015

Grind Time

Hello dolls!

New week means lets get to grinding. Pushing yourself to the limit feels great. See what your body is capable of doing. A workout to get this week started is always a good idea, so I'm putting together some reps I did for my workout today.

On today's fashionable accessories lol I used a squat bar (add weight if you'd like) mixed it up with a stepper and free weights (10lbs). 
A great fun effective cardio, Leg and glute strength and conditioning workout. 

•Started off, 2mile run. 

•Squats w/ bar 1min (3x) 30 second rest break between 1 minute rounds. 

•Step: Step up, bring knee up passed hips, alternate steps. 1min (3x) 30 second rest in between. 

•Step: Plank on elbows, back straight, while planking alternate straight up leg kicks passed head level.   

Very basic routine today but effective with consistency. Ciao for now. 

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