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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hat Kinda Day

Sundazzed! Well weekend is over and back to the grind. Today was one of those lazy days were you just don't wanna do anything. What I mean is effortless styling and in the hair department haha. That is why putting a hat on completes my outfit of the day (ootd). I really did not want to do my hair, so I wore a grey suede hat to hide this mane. 
Hats make a great accessories to complete casual outfits and/or revamp your look. My husband as well decided not to use product in his hair, so he put a hat on it. If you are looking for a hat I recommend Forever21.com. They have many styles and selections. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your evening. Ciao for now! Xxoxo. 

Styled by @madlystyled 

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