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Sunday, September 6, 2015

San Francisco Getaway

Can we stay on vacation forever? These past few days have been relaxing and making memories yet again with my grand husband of mine. He planned and surprised me with a getaway to San Francisco "the city by the bay." We arrived Friday evening enjoying the city and heading out to paint the night. This is the view we had that evening. 

Yes, it is alittle vacay but early bird catching the worm they say, so we started our Saturday bright and early. Transportation in San Fran is best by walking, renting a bike, or Bart. We rented bikes to ride up and go over the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a very tough ride but the view is amazing.

Went over the Golden Gate Bridge heading straight to the next city Sausalito. It is a small city with more delicious places for foodies. We had lunch at Napa Valley Burger Company.
It would be crazy to ride our bikes back to the city because we would be going uphill so we just took the ferry back. What I love about San Fran is just about anywhere you eat it is delicious. When we are traveling or even in our city, trying new eats is our thing. That following evening went to watch UFC 191 at local bar Rumors had some delicious tacos and wings. There are many restaurants so I would definitely recommend using Yelp for extra help on reviews, and what type of food you would like to try. By the end of this amazing trip all I have to say is thank you to my hubby for taking me to a spontaneous last minute trip to San Franny. 

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