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Monday, November 16, 2015

Good Start

Hello dolls! Hope you all had a great weekend. New week and let's start it off right. Nothing beats a good workout to get your week started. It really sets the momentum getting yourself motivated, energy levels high, and mood. For today's workout I focused on lower body. Thought I'd share my simple yet so effective routine. 
•Started off with 15 minutes of cardio (running on treadmill)

•Resistance jump squats 1 mintue (35lbs) for weight
--rotation into--
•Leg kick 30 seconds each leg (1 min)
• Thurst up and down / circular motion (1 min)

A total of a 10 reps 1 minute each. Make sure you are breathing and always work at a steady pace. Very effective glutes and core workout. Trust the process. Ciao for now dolls- lyfewithmadxoxo 

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