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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Rich Honey

Hello beautiful peeps,

We are in October!!!! The holidays are so close I can taste, haha. I am so thrilled to have collaborated with Rich Honey in LA. I love their non seasonal look. Basics you can wear everyday for any occasion. They are handcrafted raw-edge shirts and materials that feel so good on your skin. I have put together a street style look on, "How to" wear one shirt, different ways. Shopping can be challenging when you have specific look you are going for, but what I like to do is always make sure I buy pieces that can be styled differently, to wear again. Being economical is the way to go! No need to break the bank ladies lol. All pieces can be found at Rich Honey-website and in stores. Thank you for the love and support!!!!!!
--Details below--
Ciao for Now- LyfewithMadxoxo

First Look: Causal Chic

Second Look: Pumped up kicks

Third Look: Street Luxury

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