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Monday, November 7, 2016

Thailand 2016

Hey babes!!!!!

I know it's been awhile and have tons to share but one step at a time. Recently traveled to Thailand. Let me tell you, it is a   d r e a m. Words and pictures do not do this place justice. We landed in Phuket our first destination were we stayed in a Villa on Patong Beach. This villa was so gorgeous, the views, cleaning service, and personal chiefs. Oh not to mention we ordered personal Thai Massages in the comfort of our own villa; amazing I know lol. Bangala Street is where it is all happening bars throughout the entire street, food, and many little shops to bargain.

Money was called Baht, our dollar is more in Thailand but the baht runs out quickly, so we did have to exchange money a few times. We stayed in Phuket for two nights before heading off to Phi Phi Island for two nights. Phi Phi was the highlight of my trip. It is magically beautiful, its if I was dreaming . The clear blue fresh waters, the huge cliffs in the ocean and green jungle; I cannot say anymore but you have to go to experience for yourself. Left Phi Phi and stayed an additional three days in Phuket. We did Tiger Kingdom tour, Elephant tour, and ATV riding in the jungle.

Experiencing their culture and meeting kind hearted people was so inspiring. One man that I still carry in my heart is the man who sold us a ferry ticket back to Phuket. He said to my husband, "You're one lucky man and where we are from." We responded and he was so shocked when we said we are from Cali. He said," I wish I can go to America and go to New York, but I cannot because I have a baby so I have to work hard.Oh and make sure you vote because it matters to all of us." I couldn't be more thankful for what I have and pray for that Thai man for God to bless his life. Traveling away from home and seeing another country really changes your prospective on many things. Overall, I would definitely go back to Thailand and stay in Phi Phi longer. There is so much more but I'll let the pictures speak for itself.
Ciao for Now- LyfewithMadxoxo

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