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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hey babes!

I know I have been MIA but unfortunately blogging and stylin isn't what I do full time. Thank you for those who have been keeping up with me; for your patience. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite places to shop for accessories. It is so hard to find a good deal on jewelry. Sometimes we buy pieces we are only going to wear once or twice and for get about it. I have held on to many pieces of jewelry for some time now. Once I fall in love with a piece I don't want to let it go. Unless it gets rusty or turns my finger green (ew no bueno) lol. **Just a quick tip** any jewelry I buy for example: Forever21 I paint it with clear nail polish to preserve the material and it works...haha!

So, first things first. Are you a vintage babe or a bling bling diva!? I usually go for the more simple, boho, or vintage chic accessories. Anything dainty and elegant I love! I have found that Esty has some adorable pieces and the quality is amazing. Esty is an online boutique of small businesses so they will be pricey (gotta support small businesses too). Another great place to shop online is eBay and Amazon. Just search for the style you are looking for an you'll get a list of everything and for a great cost. I have been very picky when shopping on those sites because of the quality, but luckily I have yet to have a bad experience. I also loooovvveee to shop at Nordstroms Rack, they have  amazing deals on jewelry and accessories. They have all types of styles and for a great price. Well Nordstroms Rack has everything for a half the cost.

Another place I love to shop is vintage thrift stores: American Vintage or Buffalo Exchange. Thrift shopping is amazing because you can definitely find boho jewelry and unique pieces. I feel like once I find one unique piece I keep it forever. Literally obsess over it and treasure it haha! Thank you so much for your support babes, truly appreciate it. Showing you a bit of my jewelry collection below and some awesome similar pieces to shop.

Ciao for Now- Lyfewithmadxoxo

Some new and some old jewelry inspo.
-Shop a few of my favs below-
Forever 21     
Nordstroms Rack


  1. These accessories are all great! I have never heard that nail polish trick! Definitely going to start doing that!!

  2. I LOVE Etsy, like, I'm kind of addicted, and it's a problem lol. They do have amazing jewelry and vintage wear.

  3. They are all so beautiful! Sweet blog!


  4. You rock everything you wear, but I especially love this style ��✨

  5. So many goodies! Love your sunglasses especially xx, Erin -

  6. These are so pretty gals. I do most my accessories pick from Forever 21.