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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hey Babes!!! 
I know it's been forever but I am back. I had to take sometime off to be with family and just focus on myself. My grandma recently passed getting personal with you guys, and it was a difficult week. Staying positive and strong. Now, for today's post I am bringing you a pop of color. A structured blazer you need this spring. From the looks of it this weather isn't warming up anytime soon so don't put away those jackets away; just yet. I love the suited "Profresh" look and throwing on a blazer makes it just that. Sharing a few favorite blazers with you babes and showing you how I styled my blazer. I love to hear from you babes so comment below what you think. Appreciate all the love and support. Have a great week!

Peace & Love- LyfewithMadxoxo

Trending Violets

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

We are in spring!! I love this time of year; everything is blooming and it’s time to bring out those pastels and bold colors. Today I am sharing with you my favorite Violet Trends. I have picked out a few must haves and showcasing two simple outfits wearing violet and had to bring out the white pants for spring. Hope you all have an amazing rest of your week and shop my favs below and shoes.

Peace & Love- LyfewithMadxoxo

Cartagena, Colombia-Vacay Style

Sunday, March 18, 2018

In the beautiful city of Cartagena, Colombia. A city full of culture and history is what you will see in Cartagena. I loved everything about it and all the little corners that caught my eye. We stayed in Cartagena for 3 nights at an Air BNB. The air bnb was located in the "Walled City" in the heart of Old Cartagena. It is a city within a city; so crazy! This is the place to travel in Colombia to see the historic buildings and history of Cartagena. I would probably only recommend staying here 1 night because you can literally see it all in one day. The night life is awesome and lots of restaurants to choose from. While in Cartagena you can travel to other islands by boat for the day and 15 minutes to get to Bocagrande, which is similar to Miami (city by the beach). The nightlife in Bocagrande is awesome as well, but while on the beach be prepared for many vendors trying to hustle you..haha! 

I have been to Colombia before but not to Cartagena. Colombia is full of life and culture; which is the main reason to travel to another country is to see and take it all in. It is defiantly a culture shock and really makes you appreciate everything you have back home. I feel very blessed to be able to travel and celebrate my birthday in another country; grateful for another year of life. Glad to be home and back to the grind. Sharing with you some highlights of my trip and vacay style.

Shop all my looks below and if you have any travel recommendations please leave a comment. Already planning my next trip.

Peace & Love- LyfewithMadxoxo

Ps. Did I mention we were rollin deep..haha! About 14 of us.

Lemon Pant Outfit

Polka Dot Dress Outfit

Asos Retro Style

Valentines Outfit Inspo

Thursday, February 8, 2018

We are in the month of... L O V E ! Be a little more loving, caring, and kind this month. Show compassion to whomever is around you. As we receive love; we should be able to give love too (little reminder). Now, for today's post I am sharing simple V-Day looks to dress for the occasion. I have collaborated with SheIn to bring you this inspo. I will be adding additional pieces  you need to have below (scroll all the way down). Thank you all for the support and sending you all much love.

Peace & Love- LyfewithMadxoxo

Sparkle with a touch of color
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Lace textures for the occasion
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Stay Classy, Sophiscated, and confidence is Sexy!
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Saranghae 5 Step Review

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hi everyone!!! I hope you are all having a great week so far. I am so excited to share my most recent collab with Saranghae Skin Care. I have been testing their product for about 2 weeks in a half, and I am loving the results. Saranghae means "I love you" in Korean. It is a 5 Step Anti-Aging System all K-Beauty. I have tried many other Korean Skin care products and by far Saranghae has been the best. I wanted to test it to make sure it is great for all skin types and give you guys my honest review.  Even though I am pretty young it is never to early to start with anti-aging products. I mean we all want to age gracefully...haha right! 

I have tried many different products and what I love about Saranghae is that there are many natural ingredients and hydration at it's finest. I have acne/combination skin so I am always very hesitant about trying new things. Only because I am afraid of having a bad reaction and breakouts. I have suffered from really bad acne in the past and I have come so far; after trying many natural products. I have found that my skin reacts perfectly with natural skin care because it is gentle on my sensitive skin  and does not dry-out my skin. I always assumed to never use serums or moisturizers because it'll clog my pore (boom breakout). In fact using the correct types of serums and hydrating anti-aging products helped my skin.

While we are sleeping are skin is working the most and using the correct skin care system your skin well absorb all those amazing vitamins it needs. After testing Saranghae for about 2 1/2 weeks, my skin has never looked better and smoother. Each of their products contain amazing ingredients and have actual GOLD!! I will share the 5 Step Anti-Aging System with you guys below. Overall, I am very happy with the results which is hydrated dewy skin. If you guys have any questions please feels free to comment below and I'd love to answer all your questions. I hope you all have a great rest of your week. 

P.S. YouTube Unboxing/Review should be up soon! Stay tuned<3

Peace & Love- LyfewithMadxoxo

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