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Thursday, October 25, 2018

As promised sharing with you today on LyfewithMad my favorite beauty products. These products have helped my skin through the toughest times but I'll save that for another post. For now, sharing why these are my favorite and why you need them in your life! You can buy all the products I used VIA Have a great rest of your week babes.
Peace & Love- LyfewithMadxoxo

Hair Products
Obsessed with Ty Alexander hair care. My hair has never felt better. Since my first cut my hair is longer and feels healthier. I use the dry shampoo for volume and texture after styling or when I feel like my hair is getting a tad oily this will do the job. The hydrating oil I use after washing my hair and follow up with the heat styling spray to protect my hair from blow drying and use it after styling. Leaving my hair shiny and healthy. You babes need these in your life and visit the salon; it is beautiful. Here's their contact info-- TyAlexander Salon (click here)

Skin Care Products


These are two cleansers I am currently using Mario Enyzme Gel and Tula cleansing oil. Another alternative oil I would recommend would be the Burts Bees Oil. Works as good! I follow up with the toner by Mario Badescu. 

I use the Genifique Serum as my daily skincare routine. This stuff is amazing, it's helped my skin look glowy and dewy; preparing my skin for makeup. I also swear by wearing SPF daily and I absolutely love Lancome's dark spot correcting moisturizer.

Best setting spray or you can use this after your regular skin care routine for extra hydration.

This acne spot treatment saved my crazy breakout. It has 5.5% Benzoyl Peroxide and Micro Exfoliating LHA which acts as a cell turn over to help shed the top layer of skin gently. When I feel or see a bump coming in this stuff works amazingly. Apply a very light layer and bye volcano..haha!

Wild Rose Brightening Serum has helped with my scarring and post blemishes. 
It smells divine and does what it says. 

This is my last step to my nightly routine. Gentle exfoliator while you sleep and smells very earthy. This has to be one of my favorite night creams and I have no plans on changing or trying anything different. Anytime soon that is. 


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